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Transforming Home Furnishing Marketing – Case Study

3d visualization case study
We spoke to Bryan, Marketing Director of a leading home furnishings company who explains the challenges he faced with obtaining captivating imagery to showcase his products. 

Discovering 2MC – The Solution to Our Imaging Challenges

“I had the pleasure of working with Conor and his talented team at 2MC in a previous role & back then our main objective was to support our eCommerce division with eye-catching product imagery,” explains Bryan. “We started with an initial test and were very pleased with the results. 2MC surpassed anything we had received up to that point from other companies we had worked with.” 

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges we had been facing was that by using overseas companies, we were seeing props used in our imagery that were not even available in the US. There was a big disconnect and the styling of the images was not something you would see in the US. It was also proving difficult to communicate exactly what we needed, and a lot of that was getting lost in translation. In terms of the style and finish, the previous attempts had been disappointing.  When we gave the job to 2MC, we found that not only were they responsive, but they were also able to understand exactly what we needed and translate that into the finished image. It made life a lot simpler for us. 3d visualization case study

How it impacted the business

In the world of home goods, if there is no picture of a product, then there is no product to sell online. Without these assets, we would have had to make samples of every product and take photographs of them, so we would have had to deal with things like lighting, photographers, labor, travel and all sorts of other things including the cost of making the products. Having 3D visualizations at our fingertips enabled us to showcase our amazing products without incurring any of these additional costs. It just made sense as a realistic and highly affordable solution. 360 view of sofa Bryan continues, “as well as saving us time and money, we were also mindful of our carbon footprint, so by reducing all unnecessary travel we were able to significantly reduce our impact.” 3  

Final recommendation 

Bryan wraps up by saying, “Using 3D visualization has been a game changer, the high-quality imagery has helped to bring our products to life and the service we have received from the 2MC team has made that very simple for us. I would recommend Conor and his team to anyone.”