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What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is a form of digital animation that invites you into a world of moving illustrations, lively typography, and dynamic images. It’s a harmonious blend of graphic design and video production that creates a visually captivating experience.

With motion graphics, the possibilities are endless, from commercials and films to television shows and websites. The animated visual elements are crafted and animated to hold your attention and present information in a way that’s not only effective but also memorable, informative, and mesmerizing.

Why do you need video in your marketing mix?

Picture this: You’re scrolling through your social media feed, and you come across a product video that immediately catches your eye.

The graphics are bright, bold, and eye-catching, and the animation is smooth and seamless. You can’t help but watch until the end, even if it’s a commercial or an explainer video. That’s the power of video, motion graphics, and animations. If it looks great it can connect with consumers and get them to buy.

All kinds of videos sell. From simple motion Graphics to full-blown live video and high and special effects nowadays Video is a vital tool for any business looking to engage its audience in the fast-paced, digital world.

Whether you’re trying to promote a new product, explain a complex service, or tell your brand’s story, video in all its forms provides a powerful and memorable way to do it.

Here's why


They grab attention

Motion graphics are visually engaging and memorable. They can grab the attention of your audience and keep them interested in your message long after the video is over.


They simplify complex information
Have you ever tried to explain a complex product or service to someone, only to be met with a blank stare? With motion graphics, businesses can simplify complex information and present it in a way that is easy to understand and remember.
They tell your story
Motion graphics provide a way for businesses to tell their brand story in a way that is visually stunning and memorable. They can create an emotional connection with your audience and leave a lasting impression.
They increase brand awareness

Motion graphics can help increase brand awareness by creating a visual representation of your brand that is both memorable and eye-catching. This can help you stand out from the competition and increase the recognition of your brand.

Whether you’re creating an advertisement, an explainer video, or a company overview, motion graphics provide the perfect way to convey your message in a way that is both visually stunning and easy to understand.

With 2MC 24/7, you can be assured of a lightning-fast, quality delivery of your motion graphics, without compromising the final product.

The 2MC 24/7 Motion Graphics Process

At 2MC 24/7, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality visuals that are both stunning and professional. That’s why we’ve developed a motion graphics process that guarantees quality, speed, and affordability. Our process includes the following steps:
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We believe that to deliver a project that meets and exceeds your expectations, we need to understand what those expectations are. Our initial consultation allows us to get to know you, your project, and what you want to achieve.



Detailed project plan
We take your project seriously, and that’s why we create a detailed project plan or Scope of Work to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our plan outlines timelines, and deadlines, and creates a clear project roadmap.
Step 2 image
Step 3 image



Concept, Storyboard & Script development
We work with you to develop a concept that is both creative and effective. Our team will develop a storyboard and then a script that aligns with your brand and effectively communicates your message.



Dedicated project manager
You will have a dedicated project manager to be your point of contact throughout the project, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and to your satisfaction. You will be involved in the process and have input on the key decisions.
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Step 5 image



Our animators bring your graphics to life with smooth, seamless animations that are both engaging and effective. Our animators are experts in their field and have a passion for creating stunning visuals that are both beautiful and functional.



Ongoing Communication and feedback
We understand that communication is key to the success of any project. During the product phase, we will show you the work and ask for approval as we move through the production stages. We keep you in the loop throughout the project, providing updates and asking for feedback where necessary. You will get an excellent video that meets your expectations.
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Thorough quality control checks
We take quality control seriously. That’s why we have rigorous checks in place to ensure that our projects meet the highest standards. Our quality control checks guarantee that you receive a product that exceeds your expectations.



Final delivery
We deliver the final product to you at lightning speed, without compromising quality. Our fast turnaround time means that you can get your video in a fraction of the time it would take other companies. We deliver in the format you need whether its for web use or large outdoor screens at a trade show, no matter what we have you covered.
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A regular feedback loop gives us constant improvement in process, staff, and compliance systems
What kind of Motion Graphic Can I have?
Demo Motion Graphics Videos
How-to Motion Graphics Videos
Testimonial Motion Graphics Videos
Product Motion Graphics Videos
Long-Format Motion Graphics Videos
Work with 2MC 24/7

With Motion Graphics, you can increase your conversion rates through dynamic storytelling and impress your audience with eye-catching animation. When you work with us, expect stunning visuals for your business in weeks instead of months. To learn more about how we can help spread your story far with Motion Graphics, book a call with us.