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That’s Gotta Hurt

that39s gotta hurt

The judge slammed his gavel down on the bench. “Tom Hickleworth, I sentence you to hard labour for the next ten years. Be grateful it’s not in Siberia, because if I had my way, and we didn’t live in Cornwall, you would most certainly be going there!”

“But, your honour, I—” Tom Hickleworth was sweating. This was not how he’d pictured the trial ending.

“If you want someone to blame, as I’m sure you will,’ the judge heaved himself up from his chair, pointed an angry finger at Tom and growled, “Blame your lawyer!”

Tom would definitely blame his lawyer. If he ever saw the shyster again, that is. Full of bonhomie and expensive lunches, he’d been. Not to mention a nod and a wink when it came to ‘knowing the judge’. Well, the last part was true. He did know the judge. And the judge hated him. He’d refused to allow the lawyer into the courtroom. Poor old Tom had to defend himself against a charge of poaching in front of a judge who had a particular distaste for purloiners of other people’s wildlife. A clever, diligent lawyer, who came to court on time, would have gotten Tom off with nothing more than a fine and a warning.

Tom’s lawyer was neither, and was, inevitably, an hour late. The end result had been a foregone conclusion. At least it wasn’t the rope.

In the fast-moving, visual world in which we now live, being able to acquire graphics to order is a requirement for nearly every industry. But, like for poacher Tom Hickleworth, it doesn’t always work out the way you want, right?


11 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Over The Moon About Graphics

What do you want when it comes to graphics? Having worked in the industry for a while now, we’ve heard a number of horror stories. Most of the time the supplier:

· Misunderstood the brief

· Was late to meetings

· Didn’t communicate properly

· Didn’t know the full potential of their own software

· Delivered shoddy work

· Delivered unoriginal work

· Delivered the work late

· Wouldn’t make required changes

· Couldn’t provide the work in formats you needed

· Didn’t acquire the correct permissions for the images

· Kept adding on ‘unforeseen’ charges to the bill


It’s not hard to imagine that having to deal with all of that would be annoying. Actually, ‘annoying’ would be an understatement.

Trust is vital!

Trust is vitalWhether they are small one-person enterprises, or large retail organisations, what clients want is to be able to trust their supplier to deliver the graphics, photorealistic images, and animations, on time, every time, in the format they need. Right? Of course. Who wouldn’t want that?

We deliver overnight! That’s right – overnight! And, when it comes to delivering it in the right format – it doesn’t matter if it’s e-commerce product pages, digital presentations, marketing collateral, or printed materials, we ensure you have exactly what you require!


Timing is everything

Timing is everything

When it comes to time-critical image production for e-commerce companies, product managers, and brand marketers, time is of the essence. Things need to happen immediately, if not yesterday. But how many suppliers work 24/7 without charging massive over-time fees? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find a company that did? You have. It’s us.


One of the greatest assets a company can have is the confidence to ask questions.

One of the greatest assets a company can have is the confidence to ask questions

Not only is timing important, but so is great communication! From the initial brief through to the approvals and the delivery. The more questions, the better! How else will they be completely sure they’re delivering the right product? And it needs to be perfect. Not just right; perfect! We pride ourselves on our communication with clients! It’s the reason behind our artistry, efficiency and precision – in other words, answering the brief correctly, the first time!

Trust, communication, timing, and the best 3D image-creation team in the world was the reason we created 2MC247. Delivering on our promises is what prompted one of clients to say, “I was blown away by how quickly 2MC247 turned around our 3D product shots. And the quality? Mind-blowing!”


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