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3D Furniture

Taking furniture imagery to the next level online.

2MC works with Kimble, Century, Klaussner and many other high-volume furniture manufacturers. 2MC custom develop processes to deliver what’s needed, on time, on budget and on agreed standards. 2MC can help you produce more product shots in less time and improved quality.
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Samples of 2MC’s work, from the simple to the spectacular.

2MC can showcase your products in a range of ways, from making 3D models to creating amazing lifestyle settings, all without the time and cost of a traditional shoot. These examples show the results you can expect.

We can help.

Do you need studio shots?
Lifestyle shots? 3D models for virtual reality apps?

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3D product modeling

3D models can be created from pencil sketches, photographs or CAD files for use in product shots or VR applications.

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Once the 3D model is created, 2MC can add lighting and set the product in a white space to display it in a natural way.



2MC can showcase items by inserting 3D models into furnished spaces that reflect your brand positioning and design aesthetic.

Lifestyle scene

Lifestyle scene

To help customers see how your collections will look in combination, 2MC creates lifestyle scenes that let you showcase multiple items within a realistic setting that can be done entirely in 3D. 2MC can also take your existing product shots and insert them into a 3D lifestyle settings.

The 2MC process

2MC will work closely with you to design a process that delivers precisely what you need, when you need it.
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The pricing structure is based on the agreed service levels because each customer’s needs are unique. The pricing is flexible and depends on :

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